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"Borne by majestic silent wings, the Albatross flew serenely over the vast domain that was his like a sailor on the seas of fate..."

     Welcome to SilentWings133. This site is my secret garden dedicated to some of my own personal tastes in alternative culture: Pop-art, rock music, books, films. There's a significant section set aside to JRR Tolkien, his works and accompanying graphics, either of his own fabrication or of professional artists such as Ted Nasmith John Howe and Alan Lee. Apart from the main music page, principally album covers and artwork, there is also a special section set aside for a band called "SlipKnot", a prime example of my alternative taste in music that covers a wide spectrum of influences. Just to balance things out there's a page about a band called "Yes", one of my all time favourite alternative rock bands, as well as two special post "Fab 4" era pages to George Harrison and John Lennon so step inside, have a lookaround and feel free to share but don't forget to say where it came from.

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Destination Bishkek
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Twelve adventures, one journey

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